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The Next Generation of Apps

Data drives applications. Applications organize and improve our lives. Here at VIP, we embrace that philosophy completely – no surprise, given how much VIP applications thrive on data from state partners. As a result, I’d like to step back to talk about data transmission and the future of applications.

In a few hours, Intel is widely expected to launch the latest standard in device connectivity, an interface known as Light Peak or Thunderbolt, with data transmission speeds in excess of 10 Gbit/s. Combined with other recent advances in data-transmission technology, including 4G LTE and groundbreaking improvements in simultaneous radio transmission, we are quickly entering an age where data-based applications and consumer services are no longer limited by data throughput.

Think of it. Every time we use a computer or pick up our smartphone, we use applications that were designed, more or less, to accommodate relatively glacial data transmission speeds as a major limiting reagent. This is true of everything from Photoshop to Google Maps and our own VIP mobile site. With the advent of these new technologies, however, developers and engineers will be able to provide vastly more content and data-rich services thanks to the blistering speeds with which data can be pushed and pulled with a device.

At VIP alone, the possibilities are nothing short of tantalizing. For example, think about an augmented reality application that allows you to look through your phone’s camera to navigate to the polling place with GPS, then use text recognition to access on-demand, official voting information about a candidate (including website) simply by pointing your phone at his/her name. On top of that, Word Lens-style instant translation could translate your ballot *and* that official, supplementary information, all in front of you. All of it being instant, seamless, and lightning fast thanks to faster data transmission.

Actually, that gives me some ideas! Time to start talking to some engineers… (somewhere, Jared’s face just melted off)

What are your ideas for new VIP apps? Comment, e-mail, or tweet us @votinginfo or me directly @mamorse.

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