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Find Your Polling Place & Help Others Find Theirs: 2011 VIP Election IDs

  • Posted by Maggie Murphy - OCTOBER 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

As November approaches, many states across the country are gearing up for elections. The Voting Information Project will be supporting 7 states that have elections on November 8th. Voters across those states will be able to access customized voting information using the VIP Google Gadget —a free online polling place locator that can be embedded on any website (in 90 seconds) for the upcoming elections.

Interested in helping inform your fellow voters? Grab the gadget here. For the gadget to work, simply insert the Election ID number, for the state in which you wish to find polling locations, in the Election ID box. You can then customize the gadget’s language, font, and colors to be fit your website.

Enter Election ID Here

Here are the election IDs for 2011 State Elections VIP is supporting:

  1. Connecticut Election ID: 2007
  2. Mississippi Election ID: 2009
  3. North Carolina Election ID: 2002
  4. Ohio Election ID: 2006
  5. Pennsylvania Election ID: 2008
  6. Virginia Election ID: 2010

Please check back for more election IDs in the coming weeks!

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