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Get Involved!

You can help create the next generation of voting information software by getting involved below. You don’t have to be an elections or voting expert and you don’t need to commit tons of time. Check out our current prospects below:

Areas of Interest:

  • Content StrategistContent Strategist

    How can we maximize the impact of our content, helping voters across the country? Help us make a difference.

  • MarketingMarketing

    VIP has an audience of tens of millions of voters from every background. Join us today to help reach them.

  • UX DesignerUX Designer

    User experience designers help provide seamless tools for voters, ensuring that vital voting information is understandable, accessible, and approachable to all audiences.

  • Web DesignerWeb Designer

    Voting is one of the most universal activities in the country, and designing sites and tools for such a wide audience is hugely rewarding.

  • Web DeveloperWeb Developer

    VIP servers host a wide array of web-based tools and applications that use a variety of standards and environments, all with varying demands…

Get Involved

Let us know what your interest is or how you would like to help.

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