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My Fair Election

Version: 1.0

My Fair Election

The platform takes a page from the crowd sourced rating systems of Yelp,, and from a digital effort to monitor African election violence called Ushahidi (Swahili for “Testimony”). allows you to rate your polling place — one to five stars. Five stars for a smooth and fun process (no lines, got a sticker at the end) and one
star for a difficult one (polling place was closed, someone tried to scare you away). Post a comment or a picture if local laws allow it.

We hope that this ballot transparency will put pressure on election officials to improve the quality of the voting process.

My Fair Election is a volunteer project composed of Archon Fung (Professor, Harvard Kennedy School), Hollie Russon-Gilman (Gov Dept, Harvard University), and the wonderful development team: Curtis Floth, David Panschich, and Karen Suhaka (LegiNation).

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