The Voting Information Project (VIP) is a partnership of Democracy Works and the states to provide official information to voters about where to vote and what’s on their ballots where they look for it most—online.

VIP ensures that voters have the official information they need to answer basic questions like: "Where is my polling place?", “What's on my ballot?", and "How do I navigate the voting process?"

VIP uses an open format to make election data available and accessible, using technology to ensure that all eligible Americans have the information they need to cast a ballot.

Our History

In October 2008, The Pew Charitable Trusts published a report entitled "Being Online is Not Enough," which found that millions of people went online in search of answers to their general election questions. At the time, however, no standardized, reliable source existed for voters to obtain this basic Election Day information. VIP was created as a joint effort of state and local officials, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and Google to bring official voting information to voters via the internet.

VIP is now an essential part of the Election Day experience for millions of voters by making polling place locations, ballot information, and other official election information easily searchable online on a range of platforms. In June 2018, Pew turned management of these efforts over to Democracy Works, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that shares the project’s goals and mission.


I am a voter. Where can I find my polling place and ballot information?

You can find information about where you vote and more on our website, gettothepolls.com. All you’ll need to do is enter your address.

VIP offers multiple tools that provide polling place locations and ballot information across a range of technology platforms.  These include our embeddable Voting Information Tool, and our text-based short messaging service (SMS) tool.  For more information about VIP or any of these tools, please contact info@votinginfoproject.org.

Who is VIP?

The VIP team consists of elections administration experts, engineers, and data professionals at Democracy Works. We can be reached via email at info@votinginfoproject.org.

Is there a fee to use data from VIP?

No. We encourage anyone interested in using the VIP data to access it for free through Google’s Civic Information API.

I would like to enable others to find VIP election information through my site or app. How do I get started?

The best way to offer important voting information is to embed the Voting Information Tool on your website. It is open source and easy to drop in. If you want to develop your own tool, we encourage you to use the Google Civic Information API, powered by VIP data. You can learn about the VIP format by reviewing the XML specification and joining the VIP Community Google Group for developers and information distributors.

Is any personal information shared through VIP?

No. VIP only incorporates public, non-personally identifiable information, and delivers voting information based solely on address and no other information.

I am an election official, developer, or interested citizen and want to know more. Who should I contact?

Go to our Get Involved page or email us at info@votinginfoproject.org.

I am a reporter and have questions about VIP.  Who should I contact?

Email the Democracy Works Director of Communications at press@democracy.works